Sticky Joe's Stuff

You can use Joe's Sticky Stuff ™ for each of the apps below.

In the office:

- Hang presentation items in hotel conference rooms or clients' offices without damaging walls or windows

- Replace the signs without damaging the wall coverings

At home:

- Attach children's pictures without holes

- Use by attaching works of art to their shelves and stands

- Position the picture frames to hang straight without painting the walls

- Glue carpets and rugs to the floor to prevent slipping.

- Protect floors sent with cardboard or paper and do not allow them to shift and slide under your feet

- Glue plastic / panel sheets to the worktops.

- Attach small screws or parts with Joe's Sticky Stuff докато until you need to use them.

Sticky Joe's Stuff 25mm X 6,1m

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Joe's Sticky Stuff™ An Aggressive Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tape™

  • BGN 62.40 ЛВ с ДДС

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